Monday, April 4, 2011

Toy Swap

Two weeks ago I started swapping out Khloe's toys
How I do it 

 Put away 1/2 of your child's toys
 pick a few puzzles 
pick few doll's - stuffed animals
pick up to two battery toys
I switch out her purse and put different stuff in it every two weeks
you can also do this using a bag or a tote 
My girl loves to open it up and take the stuff out 
she also enjoys carrying it around the house
pick a music toy
Pick a few animals and put into a bin
I also pick a small push car or a small pull along toy
we use to have all of these running around are house 
Till now we only have one ride on toy and one push toy out at a time
this is are first rotation with the push and ride on toys. 
I will let you know how it goes

I also put something that has to do with colors and numbers out
This week for colors it's a peg board, cones
for numbers I have a cookie jar count 
and a few other things

I also change up the music on the house 
There are two options one plays abc words and the other is songs 

This rotation there is a few new toys that we got that she has never played with 
so It will be fun watching her play and explore her new toys

How do you rotate your toys?

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  1. Hey Kayla,
    Just wanted to respond back to you- I saw your comment on my blog about the ovarian cyst. I actually was 25 weeks pregnant and went into the emergency room with horrible pain from the ruptured cyst and contractions. You can read all about it further back in my blog- around september of last year. Long story short, they did an appendectomy thinking that it was my appendix, but found the cyst and actually several more. I was having contractions due to the fluid from the cyst irritating my uterus, an ended up delivering him at 28 weeks. As you can see, he is perfectly healthy now!! How did they find your cyst? How far along were you? I'm like you...I don't know anyone else who has experienced that. Did yours rupture?
    -Elizabeth ray


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