Thursday, May 12, 2011

Are Favorite Videos

Khloe has been sick the last couple of days 
so we have been watching a lot of 
our favorite movies
 Yesterday we watched 
each one about 8 times
Signing Time Volume 1: My First Signs DVDBaby Signing Time Volume 1 DVDSigning Time Volume 3: Everyday Signs DVD Signing Time Volume 4: Family, Feelings & Fun DVDSigning Time Volume 6: My Favorite Things DVD

Elmo's World: Babies, Dogs & More!
Khloe has always loved watching Elmo's World Babies, Dogs & more this video I got it last summer at a garage sale for a buck

Pat the Bunny: Playdates
She has loved this since she was a baby.

Dora the Explorer - Cowgirl Dora
We just got this so she has only watched it a few times but anything with Dora is always a hit

Toy Story 
We don't have Toy Story yet but she loved it when she watched it at a friends house
Sesame Street: Abby & Friends - P Is for Princess
She loves anything sesame Street

We have also been doing a lot of

 I have hand my eye on crayon rocks 
since we end up with a lot of broken crayons
Has anyone ever tried crayon rocks?
Crayon Rocks Sixteen Colors (In a Red Velvet Bag)

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  1. Thanks for following, and I was glad to follow back! You're little girl is super cute! Hope she's feeling better. My boys love those same movies! :) Have a great week!


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