Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How I clean

 After following House of Grace Blog for a few years
A little less then a year ago I started using Shaklee Cleaning products
I Love there cleaning products everything that I have used has been great
One of my favorite products 
is the
But I really love all there products

I cleaned my oven with Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste  for the first time and was so pleased with the way it turned out.

 Then I put my oven on the self cleaning cycle that took almost all day for it to clean and cool down
This is what it looked like after the cleaning cycle
Then after using the
and a little elbow grease 

I also use
to clean my kitchen sink


I love the fact that I can clean my house toxic free!

This is not an advertisement for Schaklee
I just wanted to share with you all about such a great product
More to come on how I clean with Schaklee

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Kayla!!!

    You did a great job cleaning!!! :)

    It was really sweet of you to share this...also very motivating!

    You go girl!

    Bonnie :)


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