Saturday, July 16, 2011

Just In Case You Miss Us!! Part 1

After spending two weeks on vacation I've had a hard time getting back to blogging. 
I'm going to put this in a two part post

We spent five days in Utah at the family Cabin
The first two days it was a little cold but after that the weather was wonderful.

The cabin is 2.5 hours away from town so we come up there with the mind set to fish and hike.
Usually Scott and his dad drive to the cabin and my mother in law, Khloe and I Fly. This year we all flew into Salt Lake a rented a vehicle. I was a little worried when all they had left was a mid size Jeep Cherokee all I could think was how are we going to pack  4 adults and a toddle and all of our luggage in a jeep Cherokee, without have to get a u-haul.

When we went to the rental counter they offered to up grade our vehicle to a Ford Explorer for free Happy dance we where all stoked not only for a bigger car but we got it for free.

We had a four hr trip up to the cabin 
After a few stops the trip to the cabin turned into a seven hour trip
After we made our last stop at Wall-mart we discovered we didn't have a hitch on our car and that meant no way to hall the boat down to the lake .

This was our first year storing the boat in this shed that's over a 100 years old so we didn't know what shape the boat was going to be in since when we put away it was dark out.

We had a surprise a big one at that
The boat was full of water.

We only went fishing one day and fished from the dock

We made 3
 2 and a half hr drives into town

This bad boy need a new roof

Khloe had a blast blowing bubbles and riding her scooter

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