Monday, December 5, 2011

Gingerbread houses part 1

A Few weekends ago we made gingerbread houses competition with the family. 
We ran out of time the first night so we are all getting together in a few weekends so we can finish up
We did ours using Graham Crackers
Everyone will need a box and make sure to have at least an extra pack per person. We found that some packs had broken ones and  we found that one pack had smaller crackers then the ones did.
for the icing we used this recipe. make lots
we made 7 batches and still needed more
as for decoration we had
 frosted shredded wheat cereal (use for roof,walk way, siding)
mini Candy canes
gum drops lg and small
  red hots
marshmallows lg and small
old fashion candy
square pretzels
small stick pretzels
mini suckers
white ch covered pretzles
striped white ch covered pretzels
andies mints
christmas candy corn
red hots
circle hard mint candy red and green
circle gummy candy red and green
cut walnuts
cut almonds
lemon drops
colored ch chips
life savers

Khloe loved eating the icing 

Keep checking back for part two


  1. Wow! That's an amazing set up! We actually made these last night, though I didn't have as much fun stuff.

  2. OMG...That looks like SO much fun!


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