Friday, April 22, 2011

Egg Hunt Game for toddlers

Khloe loves this game
All you need is 
empty plastic eggs
empty egg carton 
small toys that to fit in each egg

put the toys in the eggs and close the egg carton 
and watch there little hands go to town.

Sorry the pictures are turned all funny. I don't know what is going on.

Since she is into animals right now I stuffed them with animals

Ideas for next time
magazine cut outs with a themed
letter cut outs
color cut outs
number cut outs

Sorry for being MIA I have been getting caught up on stuff around the house, running twice a day and spending time with my husband while he is home. 
We have a crazy busy weekend planed so I will prob not post much
one last thing
two cute not to show off
I just love this picture.

Have a Happy Easter and a wonderful weekend everyone!

What are your plans for the Weekend?

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  1. Sweet photos! Your idea is so cute. My little guy would love this idea. I'll have to try it out.


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