Thursday, April 14, 2011

wordpress round up

I  switching over from word press to blogspot
and before I closed down my word press account
I had a few posts I didn't want to forget.
1st piggy's
Khloe hair is now long enough for pigtail's so I could not help but show off how stinking cute she looked.
She has been into talking on the phone.

And loves getting a hold of the computer

Happy Friday everyone.
I want to ride my tricycle!
Today was nice so we did a lot outside
She figured out how to push off with her feet
I just love watching her figure things out
Since it has been so nice I brought out her house
She loved opening and closing all the doors
peek a Boo
She ran around trying to catch the bubbles
She loves pulling the kitchen towles off the counter
today I found her cleaning the floor
she looked up to me and said I clean clean
Then was blowing her nose with the towel

She loves shoes
I usually don't let her play with shoes
but today she was trying to put my shoes on and I could not help but let her
She walked all around the house with just one shoe on
She was so proud of her self that she finally got her foot in the shoe
Off to go finish dinner
Sorry for such a long post..
What did you do today?

Silly Girl
Khloe has been into blowing her little nose lately
She is so cute
I wish I could get the
video to upload
If anyone can tell me why it will not up load or if there is a trick to it
Sorry everyone I am new to word press and still trying to get the hang of it.
So hang in there as I get this figured out.
dang cute

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