Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunny Sunday

 The weather was beautiful today
so we spent most of the day outside!

Sorry about the bad pictures 
I could not wait to put that adorable sweater on her this morning.
So first thing on it went.
on our adventures for the day
Everyone kept saying what an adorable sweater.
So what do you think about the legwarmers?
oh yeah
I used the leftover sleeves to make legwarmers.
 I can't wait for Scott to get home tomorrow to show him what I whipped up
 This morning Grandma and Grandma came over after going for a long walk and stopping off at two parks along our way.

I just love this picture. 
Khloe pulled her scooter out of the garage and told grandpa see baby's. I ran in the house and garbed my camera. When I got back out this is what I saw. Yes she calls these poor 8 year old kids baby's 

 Oh I love her so much I just can't get enough of her

She cracks me up
Every time I take her picture she says 

 She is totally loving being outside
 She loves walking on the different surfaces
 Rocks are her favorite 
she likes the challenge of walking on them
 picking them up and collecting them

 She was so mad she wanted to help mow the grass so bad
I had to wait till nap time to mow the grass

I caught her laying on the floor reading a book and had to snap a pictures. She even had a bib on waiting for dinner.

One of Khloe's Favorite books right now
Love You Forever 
Every time I read her this book I tear up 
thinking about my baby growing up and I am not going to always be able to hold her in my arms and rock her forever ;(
The last week has been a little rough 

fighting a cold + teething = fussy cranky cuddly Khloe  
I just can't get enough of her

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