Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Crazy busy July

  We have had a busy July with lots of big events.
I thought I would catch you guys up on what we have been up too.

The first week of July we went to San Diego for a wedding and to visit family.

 Khloe and I Husbands cousin Jen and her baby Riley aka moose  

 Moose is a big boy he is 6mo old and weighs a pound less then khloe

 Great Grandpa taught Khloe how to play pool 
She also figured out how to throw a ball
 The wedding was on the beach and Khloe loved it so much I had to take her back

                                                          She loved the water till it knocked her down then she wanted nothing to do with it 

 Khloe loving on moose 

 One of the days we where there we took the kids to a kids play place 
Khloe had a blast dressing up, dancing, playing with the baby's, shopping

 Grandma and Grandpa have a pool in the back yard so we swam everyday
 At first Khloe hated swimming but she started liking it more and more

 Great-grandpa and his dog 

 Grandpa Khloe and Riley

 Khloe loved swimming in the Doggy
One friday night we got a big treat 
My best friend along with her husband and my God daughter 
 had a wedding over our way so they came to visit 
we don't get to see each other very often since we live a few hours apart

 We went over to my brothers house and Khloe got to play with her cousin for a few hours and then we where off to my husbands grandpas birthday dinner

My in laws celebrated there wedding Anniversary  

 Grandpa took Khloe to the park while I handed out flayers for my Mother in laws work BBQ
This is the bast toddler friendly park 
I didn't get pictures of the park but next time we go 
 Grandpa and Khloe

Husband has been hard at work and made Khloe a Sand box

Sleep over with Blake aka Khloe's Boyfriend
 Our God Daughter turned three

 Khloe got to meet Her new friend
 Camp fire at Great Grandpa and Grandmas

 Khloe had every one blowing bubbles for her
 Celebrated my Brothers 31 birthday

 We Flew in My Mother in laws best friend and surprised her for her 50th Birthday

 We Celerabated My mother in laws 50th by 
Throwing her a surprise birthday party at our house

 Khloe Swimming in her mini pool

Every time see hears a plan she stops looks up and says plane
Collecting Rocks

 Silly morning hair eating Yogurt

 Blowing Bubbles with daddy

I painted my toes and khloe sad to me Me have pretty piggies Mommy
That is a little of bit of our crazy busy month of July

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