Saturday, August 20, 2011

Last weekend wrap up

 So I don't forget I wanted to post about last weekend events

 We had a wedding to go to  I went to first grade with the Groom and our parents have kept in touch through out the years. They did such a wonderful job planning out the whole wedding Khloe would not sit still or keep quiet through the wedding so we ended up having to walk away my mom snap this picture of me and the girl from the wedding.

My parents

My mom is going to kill me that I posted this picture but I had to show you how much of a ham she is

This is are new trick picking are nose

Khloe had a blast blowing bubbles and playing with the kids
Sunday we had a Family Reunion for my mom's side of the family

Khloe had a blast playing with all her distant cousins

 There was a tree that they loved playing in
 My Grandma pushed Khloe around and she loved it
The girls all tuck turns playing pushing each other on the car

 I had to point out my flower girls from wedding Kaiden
And Ashlyn my other flower girl 
They are growing up so fast

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  1. Sweet photos! I really like that picture of your mom and daughter. I can't believe how fast my kids are growing up either. :)


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