Saturday, August 20, 2011


Old fashion tractor steam up
Two weekends ago we went to the steam up we went with my parents and my brothers family

 We had homemade ice cream 
The best ice cream I have ever had

 They have an old trolley rides so we had to go on that
 Khloe love the Trolley ride cuz Payton not so much

Khloe loved waving to everyone as we passed bye

 My brother and his daughter
 Khloe loved standing up and checking everything out as we passed through

 They has a old trolley museum that was really cool but the girls thought it was cool for a few seconds and then they where off and running
 Khloe favorite part was riding on the mini trains
 Payton did not like riding on the trains so much but she did fall asleep
 I just had to through this picture in I loved the way the sun hit there face
A great picture of my mom

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