Monday, November 28, 2011

Gobble Day

We had a really nice Thanksgiving
We spent the day at my parents. My mom hosted a wonderful thanksgiving meal for everyone.I ate way too much. Some of my aunt and uncles where able to make it and my brother and his wife and my nice were there also.

                              My aunt Patti and I                                           Khloe hanging out with Aunt Jan
 We tried to get family pictures but with two 2 year olds you never know what your going to get

 out of 100 pictures this was the best family picture we got 
Oh well 
I'm just happy to have one that Khloe can look back on
I'm so blessed 
the last two Thanksgivings my In-laws have joined us for thanksgiving
so we have not had to run around we have been able to just enjoy Thanksgiving
There was 21 of us this year at Thanksgiving
The table before
 The table After
 I'm so Thank Full to have family to spend this wonderful day with 

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  1. Such cute pictures! My kids don't like to cooperate for pictures either. :) And that is one long table! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!


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