Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cutest Elf in the House- Holiday Activate

While shopping today Khloe wanted to get this Elf hat 
She kept saying mommy Christmas hat
As soon as she got up from her nap she wanted her Christmas Hat
 I found her over at the computer today and she said Mommy Shopping
Oh sweet that Elf hat really is working 

 She was pointing at the computer saying mommy cute Shopping

 Since tomorrow is Dec 1 
We put together our 
Count down till Christmas Santa
While Khloe was sleeping today I cut out all the pieces with the cricut 

 Then when she got up from her nap 
I let her glue all the pieces on 
she loves gluing stuff
  I counted out 25 cotton balls and placed them in a jar with a glue stick so that every morning we can glue cotton on  
 I put it in a frame and took the glass out so every day we can glue a cotton ball on
I'm going to print out a little sign with the saying bellow.

This is where I got my idea from
What Holiday activities or traditions are you doing with your family this year?
Happy Holidays

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