Thursday, December 1, 2011

2011 Christmas Cookies and Candy list

This year I'm baking more then what I usually do since Khloe is really into Christmas and loves cooking.
 I'm going to try and post all the recipes but for now this is just the list of what I'm making this year.
I'm going to make a few each day and freeze them as we go.

  1. Thumbprint Cookies
  2. Snickerdoodles 
  3. Pecan Butter balls
  4. Cherry Kisses cookies
  5. Molasses cookies from favorite name brand cookies37
  6. Spritz Cookies
  7. Buck Eyes
  8. Lemon Bars
  9. Gingersnaps
  10. Coconut Butterballs
  11. Haystacks
  12. Oreo Cookie Balls
  13. Reeses Peanut butter cup cookies
  14. Fudge
  15. Chocolate Crinkles
  16. Caramels
  17. Candy Cane
  18. Sugar Cookies
  19. Pecan Tarts
  20. Coconut Macaroons from favorite name brand cookies29
  21. Kiss Cookies
  22. Chocolate peppermint bars
  23. Grasshopper brownie Bars
  24. Caramel Chex Mix
  25. Saltine Cracker Toffee
  26. Almond Toffee
  27. White Chocolate Cookies
  28. Christmas Bark
  29. Double Chocolate Magic Bars
  30. Cranberry Chip bars
  31. Church Window Candy
  32. Chocolate Revel Bars
  33. Hard Tack Candy
  34. Caramel Graham Cracker Cookies
  35. Special K Bars
  36. peanut butter blossoms
  37. ginger cookies
  38. Mexican wedding cookies from favorite name brand cookies 26
What Cookies are on your Christmas baking list this year. I'm always looking for new yummy cookies to add?
Today was the first day of our Christmas month of fun activities
For today we added the first piece of cotton to Santa beard 
 We colored and decorated Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer
A few of the you tube videos I found click on the links bellow

 For our fun activity today we went to the zoo with some friends

Mommy's Favorite Picture of the day
 Can you Find the Two Cheetah

Tad and Khloe 
They are a week apart and where born at the same Hospital.

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